How to analyze stocks for beginners | Finance Guide in Kannada

How to analyze the stock for Beginners, How to invest in long-term Stock investment, How to invest money in Stock, how to select good returning stock, which stock is risky or safe as of now, how to calculate good returning stock, how to check stock is good returning these all information is clarifying in this article with video guidance in Kannada.

how to analyse stocks How to analyze stocks for beginners | Finance Guide in Kannada

stock investment is a big topic so I suggest some tips to analyze stock behavior, and these tips and tricks are helpful in selecting good returning stock for long-term investment.

Some Important Tips to Take care about How To Analyse Stock Market For Beginners

Analyzing stocks as a beginner can be overwhelming, but there are a few key steps you can take to get started:

Understand the basics:

Before you start analyzing stocks, it’s important to have a basic understanding of the stock market, such as how stocks are traded and how the market works. You can start with reading beginner-level books or taking online courses on stock market basics.

Identify your investment goals:

Determine your investment objectives, whether you’re looking to invest for long-term growth, short-term gains, or regular income. This will help you select stocks that align with your investment objectives.

Research companies:

Once you have identified your investment objectives, you can start researching companies that fit your investment criteria. Look for companies with strong financials, a history of consistent earnings growth, and a strong competitive advantage in their industry.

Analyze financial statements: The financial statements of a company can tell you a lot about its financial health. Key financial metrics to look at include revenue growth, earnings per share, profit margins, and return on equity.

Evaluate industry trends:

Consider the current trends and future prospects of the industry the company operates in. This can help you determine whether the company is likely to grow and outperform its competitors.

Monitor stock performance:

Keep track of how the stock is performing over time.

How to Analyse Stock Market,  Full Explanation Video in Kannada

This Video About :

  • Active way of Investment
  • Passive Way of Investment
  • Determine and Analyse the Annual Report of the Company
  • Financial Statement of The Company
  • Financial Ratios

What to Look for in an Anual Report : 

  • Directors Report
    • Remuneration for Directors
  • Management Analysis and Report
  • Financial Statement Analysis
    • Balance Sheet
      • Total Assets
      • Total Liabilities
      • Total Shareholders Equity
    • P&L Statement
      • Profit and loss show the company
      • Incomes
      • Expense
      • Earning Per Share (EPS)
      • Net Earnings
    • Cash Flow Statements
      • Operating Activities
      • Investing Activities
      • Financial Activities
  • Share Holding Patterns

Some Useful Ratios in Stock market analyze for Beginners :

  • Financial Ratios
    • Profitability Ratios
      • Operating Profit Margin
      • Net Profit or PAT
      • Return on Equity (ROE)
      • Return on Capital Employed (ROCE)
    • Liquidity Ratios
      • Current Ratios
      • Debt to Equity Ratio
    • Valuation Ratios
      • Price to Earning Ratio (P/E Ratio)
      • Price to Book Ratio (P/B Ratio)
    • Banking Key Ratios – Only in Banking Sectors – how to analyze bank stocks
      • Net Interest Margin
      • CASA Ratio
      • Net Non-Performing Assets (NPA’s)
      • Capital Adequacy Ratio
  • More Questions and Answers in the Last 30 Minutes

Fundamental Analysis

Earning Per Share (EPS) :

Earning Per Share means how much to invest the money to get a return earning as per share or 1 share value these values get details about the company and how fundamentally strong shares are to identify,

To determine to identify Good share value or know now the EPS get details of the last 5-year share value to analyze how much getting returned each share invested, and how long the time it took to get an investment of money. and choose the share of EPS to value increasing year by year these shares to getting identify a good share of investing the money

Price to Earnings Ratio (P/E Ratio) :

Price to Earnings Ratio or P/E Ratio means company’s how much cost must be had each earnings per share (EPS) Value, these P/E ratio is the cost of a particular industry certain limitations P/E ratio, to select a Good company invested P/E Ratio cost is less than the Normal Industrial P/E Ratio these stock of company good returning P/E Ratio. so select the lowest cost to get an EPS share of the money.

Price to Book Ratio (P/B Ratio) :

Price to Book Ratio means how to invest in assets, how many shares are there in this asset, and how many shares are there this asset of other companies in of particular industry sector comparing the ratio and overall asset of the share invest money of P/B ratio less than that industrial sector is called good company invests the money to getting good returning income.

Debt to Equity Ratio :

Debt to Equity Ratio means Debt means a loan of the company to recover the money in future payments of money, Equity means a share of the company, Debt to Equity Ratio means in simple words how much loan and how much equity these together ratios. this debt-equity share ratio is less than 1 you can buy these shares without having any debt from the company is the best to select this type of company stock.

Return on Equity (ROE) :

Return on Equity means stock which how much getting the return of that particular stock of the company is. this ROE is more than 20% of the gain of particular stock which is known as Good stock to get money from it.

Return on Capital Employed :

Return on Capital Employed means how much is invested in a share and the overall return, these Return on Capital Employed is more than 20% of the gain is perfect to plan this type of share to invest money.

Current Ratio :

The current Ratio means this is getting an idea about the current status of the company, will the company having capable to is commitment achieve, and has funded are there or not and to getting liquidity in the current year or not are the matter to correct company, a current ratio having more than 1 that is best choose or selecting a stock with a good return.

Company SWAT Analysis :

SWAT Analysis means company strengths, weaknesses, Opportunities, Threads, and many more details to know before investing money in stock as getting a good return.

Getting Full details of the Company :

Getting Full Details means what is the type of company? What can they do company? What to produce a company to get income? these are all-knowing basic information before you invest money in it. and also you must Know and need all company track records of that company or subsidiary or depending company, this is the basic information you need before investing in the long term on the stock.

Future Statistics :

you can analyze the data for the Future markets these types of companies have a good return in the future or not, and whether this product’s future depends on the people or not, in the future 15 – 20 Years data can analyze whether these companies are stable or not.

Low-Cost getting high return :

the company can get more returns other than a competitor or not these help to know earning potential and whether this company has good products with competitive prices products in the market or not and how popular having this type of company is without any compromising, these are the basic need to choosing a good company stock.

How much different from other companies:

How the company recognizes in the market, how to know about it, and how these company different from other competitors. a company has good service providing or not these are basic details are know before investing in the stock market.

Company Debt :

How much company have a loan? is future this loan recoverable capacity or not it is important to know this data.

Company Management :

This is getting to know all about the owner of the entity and the owner’s involvement in the company, management includes all promotor’s contributions, must know the behavior of the promotors, how he handles money to get income, and many more we need to get details.

Company Breaking News :

People know about a company or not, the good news about the company or not, these are the main thing to determine to know about the company.


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Practical Stock Analysis

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